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2021-11-16 covid19.ioc2rpz feed is deprecated

The Covid-19 Cyber Threat Coalition has ceased operations. They are no longer maintain the blocklist. The feed will be removed by 2021-12-01.

2021-11-02 New DNS Firewall feeds: oisd-basic.ioc2rpz, oisd-full.ioc2rpz

ioc2rpz community portal just got 2 new DNS Firewall feeds powered by oisd:

  • oisd-basic.ioc2rpz is a domain feed to block ads/trackers. It prioritizes functionality over blocking. 
  • oisd-full.ioc2rpz is a  domain feed to block ads, (mobile) app ads, phishing, malvertising, malware, spyware, ransomware, cryptojacking, scam etc. It also blocks telemetry/analytics/tracking where not needed for proper functionality. 

The feeds do not interfere with: Torrent, Warez, Porn, Crypto Exchanges, News Satire, Slickdeals (or shopping sites in general), Google (shopping), Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Link Shortners, Affiliate/Tracking Links, Gambling, Surveys, etc. but you aways can use other feeds to block undesired content.

2021-10-11 New DNS Firewall feed - bforeai.ioc2rpz

ioc2rpz community partnered with Bfore.Ai to introduce a new threat feed and make the whole world a bit more safe and secure.

Bfore.Ai is the first predictive threat feed in the market, the patented AI technology combined with hyperscale observation infrastructure predicts malicious domain names as their behaviour changes well before any other security solution or threat intelligence.

bforeai.ioc2rpz community feed includes malicious domains with the highest confidence score (less than 0.5% false positives) and up to 6 months of data. The community feed is degraded by a variable delay between 2 and 4 weeks (after the initial prediction). 

A live Bfore.Ai feed with more than 7M indicators and no time-limit is available commercially and it also includes benign domains for whitelisting, if you would like to trial it feel free to contact (https://bfore.ai) directly. Bfore.Ai feeds are available via API and ioc2rpz can help you to convert it to a DNS Firewall feed.

2021-08-06 ioc2rpz community celebrates 2 year anniversary

ioc2rpz feeds

Two years ago @ BlackHat 2019 and Defcon 27 I introduced the ioc2rpz community. The community is powered by ioc2rpz (http://ioc2rpz.com) and provides DNS Firewall feeds free of charge. The feeds are based on OSINT and protect against malware, block ads & trackers and filtrate adult sites. 

In 2013, when I joined Infoblox, I learned about DNS Firewall and I was able to evaluate only Infoblox's feeds. I tried to find any other free feeds but I was out of luck. There were only a few vendors who provided DNS Firewall feeds only for a fee. 

Late in 2017 I started working on ioc2rpz technology and to promote it as well as educate the community on DNS Firewall in 2019 I created the ioc2rpz community. Back then the community offered 3 feeds to block malware, ads & trackers with about 300k rules. During the next 2 years I added new feeds, custom feeds and RpiDNS - a provisioning script and management user interface intended to run on Raspberry PI.

Early this year the project and the community portal got a first sponsor which helps me to cover some costs to run the service.

Right now ioc2rpz:

- maintains 13 feeds with about 11 million rules, which you still can use on a beefy Raspberry PI 4/8Gb at your home (can your NGFW do the same?). Top 5 RPZ community feeds includes: dga-360.ioc2rpz, doh.ioc2rpz, phishtank.ioc2rpz, malicious.ioc2rpz, notracking.ioc2rpz;

- provides the service to more than 50 members from 5 continents, 25 countries and 70 locations.

This proves that ioc2rpz can serve in an organization of any size. If you use TIP, subscribed for TI or generate your own TI, ioc2rpz can help you to transform your DNS server (if it supports RPZ) to a DNS Security layer.

I'm looking forward to introduce new features soon, to serve more community members and make this world a bit safer and secure.

You are welcome to join the community (https://ioc2rpz.net).

2021-01-24 urlhaus.ioc2rpz - new DNS Firewall community feed!

URLhaus is a project operated by abuse.ch (https://urlhaus.abuse.ch). The purpose of the project is to collect, track and share malware URLs, helping network administrators and security analysts to protect their network and customers from cyber threats. urlhaus.ioc2rpz feed contains only malicious domains.

malicious.iocr2pz feed was also updated to include URLHaus data.

2021-01-13 dns-bh.ioc2rpz feed is deprecated

RiskAnalytics decided to shut off their free threat intelligence feed which was used as a source for dns-bh.ioc2rpz. Unfortunately I was not able to negotiate a free access to the source for our community.

dns-bh.ioc2rpz feed is officially deprecated and will be removed from ioc2rpz community portal on 2021-03-01. Please reconfigure your DNS servers. 

2020-12-08 Custom country RPZ feeds

I'm glad to announce a new ioc2rpz community website feature - custom country RPZ feeds. With the country based RPZ feeds you may extend your security polices to monitor or even block connections on DNS to resources located in specified countries. For example you may monitor/block connections to countries in US sanction list e.g. North Korea.

The feed has 3 flavours: TLDs, IPv4 and IPv6 networks. IPv4/IPv6 country information is powered by GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind. The country database is update weekly.

Country RPZ feeds are can be used to reduce your attack surface and/or to implement policies to restrict access due to some regulations or requirements. You need to be extra precautious deploying such feeds in production.

Custom country RPZ feeds

2020-10-26 TLD based custom feeds - new feature

Do you know how many Top Level Domains (TLD) are delegated right now? A lot - 1508! I bet that you intentionally (typing it in a browser) don't even use 5% (75) of the TLDs + some these TLDs are abused a lot (like .tk, .top).
So may be just block 95% TLDs you never use and significantly reduce the attack surface?
For me it seems an easy and viable solution for home office and in the office/DC you may just block the abused TLDs.

How? Obviously if you own DNS, you can do it on DNS and with this post I'm glad to announce a new feature on the ioc2rpz community website (https://ioc2rpz.net) - custom DNS Firewall feeds (based on TLDs).

2020-09-13 What's on your DNS?

ioc2rpz feeds


With this upgrade multiple changes were introduces to the community portal: new RPZ feeds were introduced, RpiDNS is now supported on generic Ubuntu 20.04 x64 server, community whitelist feeds were obsoleted.

New feeds:

  • adultfree.ioc2rpz - Adult free content powered by The Block List Project (https://github.com/blocklistproject/Lists).The feed is based on: abuse, drugs, gambling, porn lists.
  • covid19.ioc2rpz - Covid-19 malicious domains powered by Covid-19 Cyber Threat Coalition (https://www.cyberthreatcoalition.org) blocklist.
  • rescure-domains.ioc2rpz - Curated list of malicious domains powered by Fruxlabs Crack Team (https://rescure.me).
  • blocklist-malicious.ioc2rpz - Malicious domains powered by The Block List Project (https://github.com/blocklistproject/Lists).The feed is based on: fraud, malware, phishing, ransomware, scam lists.
  • malicious.ioc2rpz - A single feed with malicious domains which superseeds the following feeds: phishing, dns-bh, rescure-domains, blocklist-malicious, covid19.

Obsoleted feeds: whitelist.ioc2rpz, whitelist-raw.ioc2rpz, whitelist-ip.ioc2rpz, whitelist-raw-ip.ioc2rpz.

Right now on the ioc2rpz community you can get 13 security and policy DNS firewall feeds with 10,5M rules free of charge.

What's on your DNS?

2020-09-07 RpiDNS on Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit for the Raspberry Pi


RpiDNS is now supported on Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit for the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi 4 on 64-bit OS is faster and ISC Bind can handle more than 2 millions RPZ-rules. To get the maximum benefits you will need Raspberry Pi 4 with 4Gb or 8Gb RAM (up to 7-10 millions rules).

This update is important to support new RPZ feeds which will be coming soon. Stay tuned!



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