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Own your DNS

DNS is a control plane of the Internet

No more ads, no more malware and more privacy if you own your DNS and enable DNS Security.

Free DNS Firewall (RPZ) feeds for registered users:

  • Malware Domain Blocklist by RiskAnalytics
  • Notracking - no more ads, tracking and other virtual garbage
  • PhishTank - phishing domains and IPs
  • etc

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2022-09-16 3 years anniversary!

ioc2rpz 2019 vs 2022

I'm a bit late with my post but I want to share that in August the ioc2rpz community website (https://ioc2rpz.net) celebrated its 3 years anniversary.

Back when it had just 5 feeds with about 300k rules and now the community portal serves 18 feeds with over 13M rules not counting user defined TLD and country feeds. The community feeds (mostly based on OSINT) include malicious and phishing websites, adult content, ads and tracking domains filters.  Bfore.Ai's crime prevention predictive feed protects against newly registered, potentially phishing domains.

If you are interested in some statistics, the community website serves users from all continents except Antarctica (I wish that someone can spin up RpiDNS here :), 41 countries and 109 locations. The most downloaded feeds are: dga-360.ioc2rpz, doh.ioc2rpz, phishtank.ioc2rpz, urlhaus.ioc2rpz, blocklist-malicious.ioc2rpz and notracking.ioc2rpz

The community is non-profit and kind of my hobby so I don't really have a lot of time for maintenance. Luckily ioc2rpz technology (http://ioc2rpz.com, my open source project) was built on Erlang and robust enough so it doesn't really require a lot of care. If you want to know how to deploy it in your enterprise/ISP DM me.

The community is open for new users and if you want to protect your home, home office or even office a Raspberry Pi with community feeds can easily handle this task.

What is ioc2rpz community?

ioc2rpz community is a portal which provides free of charge DNS Firewall (or Response Policy Zone) feeds. The DNS Firewall feeds are based on publicly available threat intelligence(TI). The TI feeds are maintained by 3rd party communities or companies and only a limited number of indicatores were whitelisted. We are not validating the TI feeds on false positives.

DNS Firewall feeds provided "as-is". They may contain false positives.

If you have any questions, comments, proposals or want to provide any feedback please contact us.

What is DNS Firewall?

DNS Firewall or DNS Response Policy Zones is a DNS server feature that allows to overlay custom information on top of the global DNS to provide alternate responses to DNS queries.
The prime motivation for creating this feature was to protect users from badness on the Internet related to known-malicious global identifiers such as host names, domain names, IP addresses, or nameservers.
Criminals tend to keep using the same identifiers until they are taken away from them. Unfortunately, the Internet security industry's ability to take down criminal infrastructure at domain registries, hosting providers or ISPs is not timely enough to be effective.
Using DNS Firewall, a network or DNS administrator can implement their own protection policies base based on reputation feeds from security service providers on a near-real-time basis.
More information available at dnsrpz.info

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* - wasn't tested with ioc2rpz.

Available DNS Firewall feeds

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